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State Wide firm with trial, appellate, Supreme Court experience with multi state experience and multi state clients.

Our Story

Malek & Malek is California based lawfirm, that specializes in resolving complex legal issues for clients throughout the state. Founded in 1984 by the brother-and-sister team of Jeffrey L. Malek and Sandra L. Malek (Ret.), we represent a wide range of public, private, and international corporations in industries including public utilities, import/export, manufacturing, and health care.

Many law firms operate as if they were still in the slow-paced 19th century. They do not realize that old-fashioned methods are not adequate in a world where businesses operate at the speed of light. Client needs in our new, interactive business world have changed dramatically. Our state-of-the-art litigation approach incorporates business counseling and litigation, where necessary, with a constant awareness of the financial benefits and burdens to our clients.

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